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The new release by the Grammy-winning Los-Angeles based trio is an ambitious lushly-produced double-disc with 23 tracks ranging from orchestrated pieces to more sparse arrangements. White Sun who specialize in sacred chants from an ancient yogic tradition consist of singer composer Gurujas Khalsa, producer/arranger/multi-instrumentalist  Adam Berry, and founder and gong master Harijiwan Khalsa. While a consistent ethereal thread runs throughout the entire music, one can hear influences of Celtic music on “Aisa Naam,” and hints of a bluesy hymn on “Teere Mer” which ends with a feeling of a  dream that we try to hang on to eluding into space. Some songs have more pop sensibilities, the catchy “Ram Ram” has an electronic dance beat, and then there are those luminous and beautifully aching tracks such as “Tithai Too,” “Mere Lal Jio,” “Pavan Pavan,” “Anik Naad” and “Jai Te Gang.”

Gurujas’ glorious vocals are supported by the brilliant cinematic orchestration, exquisite violin playing of Gabe Witcher (also featured on the previous White Sun II) and the superb contribution of former collaborators, Malian kora player Mamadou Diabate, tabla player Abhiman Kaushal, with the addition of guitarist Mike Fonte, Arjuna O’Neal on mrdangam and dholak (Indian percussion instruments) and Aloke Dutta on additional tabla.  The result is music that makes you feel like you are in a vast infinite expanse of time and space yet connected with everything, bathed and cradled in tenderness.

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